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Luxury Action, an all-inclusive private travel company based in Finland. We create high-end custom experiences in Lapland, across Finland and the rest of the Nordic region.

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Extravagant luxury for you and your family or a breathtaking adventure that energizes every fiber of your being. Custom-created experiences for the elite traveler. 

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In addition to Finland’s best hotels, we offer a wide range of private and exclusive properties, as well as ice and glass igloos. Depending on what you wish for, we will find you the best possible accommodations.




Attend a winter driving school with authentic rally cars and tutored by a multiple world champion, take a husky dog adventure across the Lapland fells or a snowmobile safari with an American and European champion. Experience an F1 motorboat ride or fly fishing in astounding wilderness landscapes, and much more.




A VIP box for ice hockey games, the once-in-a-lifetime experience of a backstage tour at the opera, a private cruise on a rare steamship, a motor rally competition in the company of champions, winter driving on snow and ice, a snowmobile competition, a firework display planned exclusively for you, the night of your life in an ice or glass igloo… How about special birthdays or weddings in a private snow castle beneath the magic glow of the Northern Lights? Or VIP cruises on an icebreaker, with an Ice Bar built in the middle of the frozen sea serving crisp, refreshing drinks? Our aim is to give you uniquely wonderful experiences. Tell us what you desire, and we’ll make your dream come true – and exceed your expectations.




Book a private meeting with Santa Claus. Discover how to become a real elf, one of Santa’s helpers, or an elegant Ice Princess. Take lessons at ski school with a private teacher or a world champion. Explore the snow-covered Arctic fells – the ultimate winter wonderland.




We work closely with talented, prize-winning chefs. Fresh ingredients and professionalism ensure unforgettable culinary experiences.




Exotic adventures: husky sled rides, reindeer sleigh rides, unique glass igloo accommodation, the Official Home of Santa Claus, five-star log villas, the Midnight Sun, the Northern Lights, round-the clock salmon fishing, ice fishing, winter ice driving, exquisite and fresh cuisine, Europe’s last wilderness, the exotic home to Europe’s last indigenous peoples, the Sámi. Bear watching. The cleanest air and water in the world. The intensity of silence. Pristine nature. Excellent infrastructure. Internationally renowned cultural and musical events, snowmobile safaris, round-the-clock golf, ice golf on frozen river, ice swimming, icebreaker cruises…


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The extravagance of luxury for you and your family or a breathtaking uncharted adventure that energizes every fiber of your being. Custom-created experiences for the elite traveler.

“Lapland Finland, The World's Top Christmas Destination” Forbes 12/2011

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(Luxury Action is #1 for private travel in Lapland & Finland)

Lapland extends across the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.

In Finland, Lapland covers one third of the total area of the country with a human population of approximately 200,000 – and a reindeer population of quite a few more. Lapland has room to breathe and be at peace, to leave behind and recuperate from the stress of city life. The rest of the world is within easy reach – but comfortably remote.

Lapland’s seasons are subtle, ranging from the vivid colors of the fall through the magical half-light of winter to the explosion of growth in spring. Life in the far north is attuned to the moods and transformations of nature.

Needless to say the northern community lives with a firm connection to nature as the changing seasons dictate marked changes in daily routines.

The provincial capital of Finnish Lapland, located directly on the Arctic Circle, is Rovaniemi, linked to the rest of the world by an international airport and rail link.


Nordic Luxury Action


Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden

If your wanderlust yearns for more than a single country, take a longer break and explore the entire Nordic region and Estonia with us. Luxury Action has exclusive access to places that others only dream about. Since we are working with the best local experts, we can offer you the ultimate experience enjoying the finest Nordic accommodation, cuisine, activities and culture.

A private cruise through the majestic fjords of Norway, the waterfalls and glaciers of Iceland, exotic and luxurious wilderness lodgings, wildlife watching for wolves, bears and birdlife, and so much more…


North Pole Experience


A once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Experience an extraordinary adventure to the geographic North Pole and the staggeringly beautiful and ever-shifting winter landscape when you explore a destination like no other on Earth.

Only four short hours after leaving Longyearbyen, you can be standing on the North Pole and celebrating your arrival at the top of the world. Experience a magical and untouched landscape that only a privileged few have ever had a chance to visit.

Many travel packages and adventure options are available to enhance your North Pole experience. Just describe to us your preferences and we will help you to enjoy the perfect experience.

Northern Lights


Northern Lights ( the Aurora Borealis) Specialist

The thrill of witnessing the Aurora Borealis is an extraordinarily memorable experience. The blazing colors in the sky are enchanting and addictive: once you’ve seen them, you’ll want to see them again and again.

The Northern Lights appear on about 200 nights a year in Lapland. The further north you go, the greater the chances of spotting them, although clear night skies are a prerequisite. Generally, the spectacular Aurora is best viewed a few hours before or after midnight in late autumn, winter and early spring. The display might last 20 seconds or continue for hours.

Like many natural phenomena, an appearance of the Aurora cannot be guaranteed but your chances of a viewing are better here than almost anywhere else in Europe. Luxury Action takes you to the best places to optimize your prospects.


The Ranch


The most exclusive ranch in the Nordic Countries

A truly exclusive five-star Finnish experience: This secret and secluded 500-acre location in Finland has its own private lake, dense forest, tennis and basketball courts, a helipad, stables, two wooden lakeside saunas, two fabulous log villas, a clubhouse, a gym, jet skis, a boat, fishing gear, quad bikes, and on-site security 24/7. Service staff includes a butler, a chef, housekeeping staff and drivers.

The Ranch is managed exclusively by Luxury Action. 


Helsinki and the Finnish Lakes


The Land of a Thousand Lakes

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is on the Baltic Sea with a 100-kilometre-long shoreline and about 300 islands.

This compact, vibrant city is packed with cultural attractions and opportunities for relaxation. Helsinki also offers superb opportunities for many outdoor activities.

Finland is described as the Land of a Thousand Lakes although the actual number is closer to 200,000. If you are tempted to experience the stunning beauty of Finland’s inland waterways, why not combine a visit to Helsinki and its sparkling archipelago with a tour of the lakes.

Luxury Action designs bespoke itineraries for memorable holidays, in Helsinki and throughout the country, at any time of the year.


Christmas Chalets


Luxurious accommodation where it’s Christmas every day

When you rent a Christmas Chalet, you’ll relax in a stylishly decorated retreat bursting with the warmth and cosiness you associate with the festive season. From the glowing fireplace to the sparkling Christmas tree, every chalet is given a seasonal facelift with warm colours, luxurious materials, atmospheric candles, and a sprinkling of Christmas cheer.


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The extravagance of luxury for you and your family or a breathtaking uncharted adventure that energizes every fiber of your being. Custom-created experiences for the elite traveler. 

“Luxury Action the leading exclusive tour operator (DMC), luxury travel company in Finland.” Finnish largest and oldest travel magazine MATKALEHTI 1/2011

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Summer & Spring

Click below to download our brochure of magical spring and summer tours, including hiking, sauna bathing, cabin accommodation, and cultural events and Finland’s many summer festivals.


Dream Adventure  

Winter driving school with rally cars tutored by a multiple champion, a husky dog adventure in the fell highlands of Lapland, a snowmobile safari in the company of an American and European champion, F1 motorboat experience, fly fishing in astonishingly beautiful wilderness landscapes, and much more.



Luxury Action

On Top of the World

Finland is an exciting and partly Arctic country that provides the perfect backdrop for luxury opportunities throughout the year. Experiencing the wildness and purity of nature is invigorating and life enhancing. Every detail of your travel arrangements is considered with the utmost professionalism and expertise. We customize an experience for you that will be absolutely unique.


Teepee Wilderness Camp 

The ultimate in Lapland wilderness luxury. Luxury Action, the leading provider of luxury travel experiences in Finland and the Nordic region, has added unique, moveable, luxury wilderness Teepee Wilderness Camp accommodation to its extensive portfolio of exotic and unforgettable activities.


See Teepee Wilderness Camp page 

Autumn & Winter 

Click below to download our brochure of exciting autumn and winter options, from snowmobile and husky sled adventures to hiking through the vivid hues of the autumn fells.



The Hollywood Experience

See Hollywood Experience page

Step into the narrative
Luxury Action and LA-based studios offer different styles that best express your vision. Whether it’s an action adventure genre (Western, Bourne Identity), a car chase (Bullitt, Fast & Furious), fantasy (The Hobbit, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland) or reality (Deadliest Catch, Mountain Men), we produce a film according to your preferred style.

Your options are only limited by your imagination, as you are the architect for your Luxury Action adventure. Consider yourself the head writer of Hollywood’s next big blockbuster - featuring you as its star.

First the client submits a literary or visual narrative as a guideline script. Once the experience has been captured, the narrative will be assembled and edited to the level of the client’s expectation or vision. The fully edited final narrative experience will then be delivered to the client so that they can share and relive their dreams for years to come.

Why go to the movies when you can relive your own!


Experience luxury

The extravagance of luxury for you and your family or a breathtaking uncharted adventure that energizes every fiber of your being. Custom-created experiences for the elite traveler.




Luxury Action is the leading exclusive tour operator (DMC), luxury travel company in Finland. We are specialized in exclusive services and programs, and creating bespoke high-end adventure holidays and packages. We believe in authenticity and professionalism, acquired and developed through our own extensive experience in the field, making every day with us a perfect one. We also organize company meetings and take care of all the planning, even at short notice. We represent numerous international companies and provide you with comprehensive service consultation. Describing our operations is easy, as our mission is to provide the best services available, as well as the best experts at your service to guarantee your enjoyment – something that is paramount for us. We handle each individual’s wishes with the greatest discretion and confidentiality. Tells us your dreams and needs and leave the rest to us!


Why Luxury Action?

We are Finland’s leading specialist in luxury tourism and exclusive travel services. We work closely with the most exclusive destinations and the most talented and versatile experts. We have a number of destinations, products and services that have been created exclusively for Luxury Action guests. We conduct thorough checks on all our partners and only work with carefully selected providers.

We are a locally based enterprise, we understand local business culture, and we have chosen only the most exotic and highest standard services and competent experts for our clients, so you can comfortably leave all the arrangements to us.

We work in close cooperation with the luxury travel elite, enabling us to provide services that are of the highest international standard. We normally require our entire staff and partners to have at least ten years experience in the field.

Receiving demanding wishes and enquiries is part of our everyday routine – to which we react with the highest degree of professionalism. You will always receive personal service from us.


What do I need to take into account when contacting Luxury Action to ensure I receive a package designed as personally as possible and according to my wishes?

We ask you to provide us information about ages, destinations/activities that interest you specially (these help us with the program design), possible allergies and illnesses. If children participate, we invite you to share their routines/preferences – if they take daytime naps, usual wake-up times, special dietary requirements, etc. Please include your contact details so we can ask you for more information.

All communications are handled in the strictest confidence. Once you have told us your wishes, we will implement them with optimal efficiency.


We support as many Charity events as we can. We want to give back and to help people who needs it most.

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The extravagance of luxury for you and your family or a breathtaking uncharted adventure that energizes every fiber of your being. Custom-created experiences for the elite traveler.

“Helsinki Finland is the most liveable city in the world” Monocle 6/2011

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”Thank you for a great service and quick acting. You made our Christmas holiday perfect”
- Family from Russia

”I do not know where to begin to say what a wonderful time we had in Lapland. It is certainly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you to you and your team for such fantastic experiences and memories. I am still blown away by what I have been through in Finland. I had thought this trip was a once in a lifetime event for me, but Janne has changed my mind!” – A. Rafuse, UK

”We had amazing nice time and special thanks for arranging director to open shop on bank holiday”- A client from Kazakhstan

“Yacht cruise in Helsinki was lovely as your staff as well, thank you. Everything was so perfect”- A client from South France

“Hello Janne, I would like to thank you so much for work! They were very happy to visit Finland, the program was great, your work has been impeccable! We look forward to working with your company in the future! And as I’ll be glad to recommend you to our Corporate department. Thank you so much!!!!” “ICS, Nataliya, Partner from Russia”

”Me and my wife really liked of your winter ice driving, we will be back soon”- A client from Israel

”Our World record and ultimate snowmobile adventure was very special. Gears and snowmobiles worked perfectly, we are looking forward to see you in next winter again”- 3 businessmen who return every winter back to Lapland to do snowmobiling

”It was a very impressing to have a Airport open privately only for us, we are very pleased”- Clients on own jet who required utmost privacy ”Thank you Janne and Luxury Action for a wonderful work. I was taken to get a wonderful feedback of you and your company”- Managing director of Rovaniemi Tourism

”We are very grateful from services what we’ve got at Savonlinna Opera Festivals and treatment was something very special, we truly felt to be royalties”- A client from U.K

”Im pleased and happy to work with you in future, Im grateful for you acting rapidly. Our client and his family had amazing time in Finland. They loved your VIP host and all programs were really mind-blowing”- A partner from India

”Me and my family had a great time, thank you for being flexible and a big thanks for surprises. Cuisine was unbelievable good, so we would like to send thanks to your chef and waitress as well. Please do not forget to send one big hug to artist who played lumberjack’s instruments- he was amazing!”- Clients from USA

“We had a wonderful trip thank you.  Ray was such a gentleman and the perfect host.  The cabin, igloo and Haven Hotel all first class”- D. Williams from U.K 

”Now I believe in Santa again. You and your staff made our dreams come true”- Clients from Switzerland

”We had a great holiday- a big thanks!”- F1 driver

”Thank you for your hospitality and arrangements”- Hollywood movie star

”Thank you for all the arrangements. We had a great time and enjoyed all the little surprises, cake and flowers etc… you had for us. I didn’t want to delay my response in saying that everything was wonderful.”- A client from South America

“Our family enjoyed of your exclusive fishing trip and we want to book the same dates for next year too.”- A client from Russia

“Once again, thank you so much and I’m really happy to have found someone as professional and dedicated as you to be our partner.”- Global 5 star travel company

“Exclusive Glass Igloo- A truly amazing experience, Igloos were great, clean, warm, comfy beds and furnished to a high spec. The heated glass is such a good idea. We all enjoyed playing around outside in the dark in the snow. Breaksfast was lovely and such a relaxing place to be, sadly we didn’t see the northern lights, but we all had such fun.” - Family from UK

Yes, my client was very happy. It all worked out very well! Was great working with you and hope we can come back with a group pretty soon. - Mercedes Benz

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CEO, Founder

Janne has been working exclusively in the private travel sector, creating luxury travel trends in the Nordic region, since 1996. He is one of the pioneers of Finland’s luxury travel. His hobbies are photography, fishing, snowmobiling, off-road motorcycling, boating, running, and studying cultures and languages.


Tel: +358 44 515 1796


Sales & Business Development Manager 

As a true travel-enthusiast, Elisa has been globetrotting t every opportunity.  The travel bug bit Elisa when her grandmother’s decided to show the world to her grandchildren. Elisa also regularly travels around Finland. Meeting people from various cultures and different backgrounds has always been a passion of hers. She has been involved in the tourism industry to some extent since the age of 14, accumulating experience from various VIP events such as Porsche Winter Trainings and other international motorsport events. Two Master’s degrees in Business Management and Psychology of Management have given Elisa that extra something that helps her navigate the world of tailor-made luxury experiences. 


Tel: +358 40 518 1189


Sales & Marketing Manager,
Arctic Expeditions and Experiences

Liisa is passionate about the world, and lived, worked and studied in a number of countries, until finally settling down with her family in her very favourite destination: Lapland. She’s highly experienced in luxury travel, and a true believer of new luxury, which Arctic region has to offer. Liisa enjoys the big wild outdoors, and likes to keep it active, hence there’s a good chance to bump into her in the Nordic wilderness. She’s explored almost all fjords, mountains and hidden gems of Nordic nature, and her expeditions include a polar marathon in Greenland. Her speciality is to put together unimaginable Arctic experiences.


Tel: +358 40 136 7454


Managing Director, Luxury Action Sweden

Ken is based in Stockholm, Sweden, which is the business capital of Nordic countries. Ken is focused on strengthening our presence across the Nordics.

Ken has a long career in the travel industry and during the last 16 years he has managed the Travel & Lifestyle service within American Express ensuring world class service for the Platinum & Centurion card members.

The Stockholm archipelago is home to Ken, having spent all summers at the summerhouse on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. Ken is a certified boatcaptain and hosting visitors on the boat is a real passion of his. During his free time Ken also enjoys skiing, hiking and fishing as well as other outdoor activities.


Tel. +46 70-516 04 82


Operations Coordinator 


Project Manager

Pancho is a yacht captain and a guide. He was one of the very first professional snowboarders and grew up boating and competing at snowboarding. Pancho has also won several Finnish and Nordic awards in jet skiing. His name might have an un-Finnish ring to it, but Pancho is 100% Finnish!



Operations Manager

Tomi has been guiding and organizing events since 1994. He used to be a professional snowmobile racer and has won several championships in the USA and Europe. He grew up in Lapland and he knows the wilderness like the back of his hand. Tomi is also a passionate fisherman. He’s the one who makes the impossible possible.



Project Manager 

Tomi is a keen traveller himself and he has explored the secret locations of many countries, including those across the Nordic region. His fantastic experience includes taking care of transport and travel arrangements for VIPs. His other skills lie in construction. When we need to build exclusive itineraries, we always try to make sure that Tomi is involved.



Adventure Guide, Project Manager

Vesa is our certified nature and adventure specialist. He has spent his life in the forest and close to nature. He does a lot of free-ride skiing in Finland and northern Norway and has had a great career as a Finnish air force officer.