Luxury Action launches “Hollywood Experience”
A unique vacation that lets customers
create and star in their own movie.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland - March 4th 2015 - Lapland-based, high-end travel company Luxury Action announced today the immediate availability of its new offering, The Hollywood Experience, bringing its high-end travel concept — and the dreams of its customers — to reality.

The Hollywood Experience is a unique and unforgettable vacation that enables Luxury Action’s discerning clients to create their own adventure — and turn it into a movie.

Taking the idea of wish fulfilment to a completely new level, The Hollywood Experience invites anyone to create a dream vacation by choosing any combination of the amazing activities and adventures Luxury Action offers in Lapland and throughout the Nordic region. From rally driving around a racetrack, to snowmobiling over snow-capped mountains, to meeting Santa in his secret forest hideaway, Luxury Action promises The Hollywood Experience will be the adventure of a lifetime.

However, as the name suggests, there is more to The Hollywood Experience than just the experience: the ‘Hollywood’ aspect of this exclusive concept results in the creation of a professionally produced movie that clients can script, and even star in. The customer’s imagination is the only limit to adventure.

This unique holiday begins with the customer dreaming up a storyline that will form the basis of both their vacation and their movie. Stories might range from romantic comedy to horror, take place in the magical world of Narnia, or the adrenaline-fueled world of Bond. The client’s storyline is then turned into a shooting script by a professional screenwriter, and the shooting of the film becomes the itinerary for the vacation. As clients travel from one location to another, a compact, professional, and experienced film crew follow along, bringing their dreams to reality. All the important moments are captured on video, and later edited into a movie, complete with special effects and a stirring soundtrack. The length of the film shoot varies according to the demands of the customer, but can be as short as one day if necessary.

To give an idea of the kind of films customers might create, Luxury Action has produced a movie trailer for the new service, in which a young girl goes on her adventure of a lifetime in search of Father Christmas. The trailer, produced with Luxury Action’s professional cooperation partners in the region, can be viewed online at or

The narrative and behind the scenes photos available on request

About Luxury Action

Luxury Action is the leading luxury travel company in Lapland and Finland. The company offers exclusive, private villas, and specializes in tailor-made luxury travel services, and the creation of bespoke, high-end adventure holidays.

The company was established by former professional snowmobile racer Janne Honkanen, and emphasizes maintaining the highest standards for its VIP clients by working closely with some of the most exclusive destinations and lifetime experience experts, and focusing on the core values of respect, discretion, and confidence.

Honkanen says, “Exclusivity, privacy, and personally tailored services are all vitally important for level of clients that we currently attract. Image and style are, of course, important, but they would be nothing without the substance that Luxury Action offers. Our customers are always looking for more and more customized travel experiences, and with The Hollywood Experience we’ve taken that to a whole new level.”

He continues, “We’ll never say, ‘No,’ to a client, but always stop and think about how we can satisfy their wishes.”



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